The Siggy Llama Show starring Sigmund Lamarr A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.

June 29, 2015  

Welcome back! Where have you been? I was just thinking about you! Did you just come from work? How are you doing? Have a seat. Did you just come from work?  How are you?  These are seriously the questions I'm asked by the lady who cuts my hair.  Every single time.  She drives me nuts but she does makes me look about 2.5 years younger so I grit my teeth and endure it. An experience you may relate to after this episode! Sigmund opens the vaults and lets you hear the ultra-rare Way Homer #1!  We have a visit from some old cartoon friends!  Plus a new contest!  All these and more in this, the current episode of The Siggy Llama Show.

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