The Siggy Llama Show starring Sigmund Lamarr A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.

March 12, 2017  

In the episode you forgot you were even waiting for:

The witty and charming Stepahnie D'Abruzzo enrolls in Noob Skool and takes a Buzzfeed-style quiz to determine which is the Blood Bowl race for her, Siggy gives his hot take on the new redraft rules in Death Zone, and hear about Siggy's podcast moonlighting! All this and current affairs too.  There's a lot of podcast here; enjoy it while it lasts!

(Special thanks to The Furors for permission to use "We 51 Say You 49" -- available on their album The Known World.)

July 10, 2016  

It's been a while!  Siggy turns his chair around to engage in some Real Talk, then recaps his last 9 months of Blood Bowl life, and doesn't preview his Zlurpee Bowl roster (because he hasn't decided yet). Then you get to hear what Siggy's been working on when he hasn't been podcasting.  

December 23, 2015  

Sigmund gathers his children to celebrate the holiday season with the most family-friendly episode of a Blood Bowl podcast ever!

Welcome back! Where have you been? I was just thinking about you! Did you just come from work? How are you doing? Have a seat. Did you just come from work?  How are you?  These are seriously the questions I'm asked by the lady who cuts my hair.  Every single time.  She drives me nuts but she does makes me look about 2.5 years younger so I grit my teeth and endure it. An experience you may relate to after this episode! Sigmund opens the vaults and lets you hear the ultra-rare Way Homer #1!  We have a visit from some old cartoon friends!  Plus a new contest!  All these and more in this, the current episode of The Siggy Llama Show.

March 24, 2015  

We’re back!  We’ve got a month to make up for, and boy do we do it with a double shot of your Siggy’s love!  Journey back to the beginning of your Blood Bowl career with a trip to Noob Skool!  Hear how Sigmund spent his Gaming New Years, and hear how one hunts a puzzle!  And find out how the Swedes live better than the rest of us!  All this and more in this, our current, record-breaking episode!  (Special guests: Wade Carney, Sandor Weisz, King Kong)

January 24, 2015  

We got a good one here!

0:00 Theme

2:00 News Flash! Packers Playing Catan!

12:30 A Musical Interlude with Puerto Muerto

13:00 Block’Em League Playoffs Recap

37:04 A Musical Interlude with Clyde Federal (dig that autoharp!)

39:12 Post Game Sequence:

39:15 Questions? Comments? Complaints?

42:35 Results from the What Does Siggy’s Voice Sound Like Contest

1:03:23 A Bald-Faced Mercenary Appeal

1:09:17 Outro

1:10:54 More music by Puerto Muerto

December 21, 2014  

It's the busiest season, so Siggy is buying time by dropping a surprise in your stocking: a radio play he put together in 2003... or was it 2004? Written and recorded in 2003, finally completed in 2004, misremembered in 2014. Enjoyed for years to come, surely.  Please enjoy!  (And bonus points if you can name the characters Siggy is playing.)

November 26, 2014  
Wouldn't you like to be able to talk about Blood Bowl without sounding like a blithering, blundering idiot?  Do your attempts at rules discussions leave your leaguemates regarding you as a tongue-addled Neanderthal?  Then whet your wit on Siggy's Blood Bowl Style Guide!  We also recap the Underworld Cup tournament and offer a cautionary tale. Enjoy!
00:00:30: Intro and Blood Bowl websites roundup
00:26:26: Chocolate Pudding Pie
00:27:08: Blood Bowl Style Guide
1:01:13: Musical Guest: Kid Nietzsche
1:02:10: Underworld Cup 2014 recap
1:43:47: Post-Game Sequence
1:46:35: closing annoucements
1:48:12: more Kid Nietzsche
October 23, 2014  

Hear Sigmund recap Chaos Cup 2014, the debut of a new Blood Bowl sitcom, and a contest announcement!  (Also, that's not how the Fibonacci sequence goes.)

September 24, 2014  

It's exactly the same! It's completely different! (The first 23 minutes and the last 13, at least!)  Hear what happens when 5 podcasts get together, the equivalent of a plane landing on top of a train as it crashes into a shortbus and a pennyfarthing.

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