The Siggy Llama Show starring Sigmund Lamarr A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.

July 24, 2014  

Do you like talking?  This episode's got it!  We take a tour of all the other Blood Bowl podcasts and extend a metaphor past its manufacturer's warranty, before we turn our focus on Zlurpcast and get under the roster sheets with Jonny P.    Then we wrap things up with a recap of Zlurpee Bowl X.  You won’t have witnessed this much praise for the competition since the Oldheim Ogres ate the Haffenheim Hornets!

(You guys like episode breakdowns, huh?  Well I do aim to please.)

0:00 Survey of Blood Bowl Podcasts

10:13 Siggy Llama’s Showbiz Info Minute For Young Starry-Eyed Hopefuls

14:19 A Special Song by Bluff Tangent

17:00 Beneath The Roster Sheets with Jonny P

40:55 Zlurpee Bowl X Recap

1:10:34 Post-Game Sequence

1:13:03 A Haiku by Zug

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