The Siggy Llama Show starring Sigmund Lamarr A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.

November 26, 2014  
Wouldn't you like to be able to talk about Blood Bowl without sounding like a blithering, blundering idiot?  Do your attempts at rules discussions leave your leaguemates regarding you as a tongue-addled Neanderthal?  Then whet your wit on Siggy's Blood Bowl Style Guide!  We also recap the Underworld Cup tournament and offer a cautionary tale. Enjoy!
00:00:30: Intro and Blood Bowl websites roundup
00:26:26: Chocolate Pudding Pie
00:27:08: Blood Bowl Style Guide
1:01:13: Musical Guest: Kid Nietzsche
1:02:10: Underworld Cup 2014 recap
1:43:47: Post-Game Sequence
1:46:35: closing annoucements
1:48:12: more Kid Nietzsche
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