The Siggy Llama Show starring Sigmund Lamarr A comedy and music podcast that happens to dwell quite a bit on Blood Bowl, the game of monsters playing football.

September 11, 2014  

The responses are flooding in to the Podcast Challenge Challenge.

September 8, 2014  

When the chips are down... Sigmund is there to tidy things up.

July 24, 2014  

Do you like talking?  This episode's got it!  We take a tour of all the other Blood Bowl podcasts and extend a metaphor past its manufacturer's warranty, before we turn our focus on Zlurpcast and get under the roster sheets with Jonny P.    Then we wrap things up with a recap of Zlurpee Bowl X.  You won’t have witnessed this much praise for the competition since the Oldheim Ogres ate the Haffenheim Hornets!

(You guys like episode breakdowns, huh?  Well I do aim to please.)

0:00 Survey of Blood Bowl Podcasts

10:13 Siggy Llama’s Showbiz Info Minute For Young Starry-Eyed Hopefuls

14:19 A Special Song by Bluff Tangent

17:00 Beneath The Roster Sheets with Jonny P

40:55 Zlurpee Bowl X Recap

1:10:34 Post-Game Sequence

1:13:03 A Haiku by Zug

June 29, 2014  

It's all been building up to this!  If you haven't been anticipating this blockbuster episode, it can only be because you didn't know about it or didn't care!  A new Blood Bowl song, the start of a Blood Bowl adventure... how could we fit all this and more into 33:29?  It's basically impossible!

May 24, 2014  
New listeners, start here! (But check for higher version numbers!)

How will this new Blood Bowl podcast distinguish itself from the others? How does this thing work? What drivers do I need to install this podcast? Here's the README.txt file for your ears, to orient you to the world of The Siggy Llama Show. And just as reading the README.txt is not like playing the CD-ROM game it came with, neither is the HEARME a representative episode of The Siggy Llama Show. This is a great idea. Trust me.

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